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What Our Patients Like Most About Our Pharmacy

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"Close to my home"

"The people!!!!!"

"Family atmosphere"

"Treated like friends, not customers. How many pharmacies would open on their day off to fill a prescription for your child?...This one did"

"The compassionate care Stacy shows when filling our prescriptions or over the counter medications."

"There's nothing like a "hometown" pharmacy! Well worth the extra drive for me"


"You seem to care and you treat me like a person rather than a number. That is refreshing."

"Owned by locals and still believes in service to their customers; we are not just a number"

"The friendly personal service"

"The people and the service"

"Fast service"

"Love the personalized care we receive from our local pharmacy."

"Great service and friendliness of the staff."

"The personal service. I am more than a number."

"The people and the service."

"Love the personal service"

"Great local, trustworthy, and dependable pharmacy!!!"

"Employees care about their customers"

"Friendly, helpful"

"The people!!"

"Love my family pharmacy"


"The staff ROCKS! Prices are great."

"Very very nice and knowledgable people and quick service."

"The staff is always really friendly."

"Always on time"


"Everything is AWESOME with this pharmacy. With that being said, the employees and Ms. Stacy are the best in the business. They are courteous, kind, patient and just very nice people."

"Friendliness, efficiency, helpfulness, soda fountain, wonderful merchandise, EVERYTHING!"

"Friendly and personal service. Great items and soda fountain."

"Fast and friendly!!!"

"Fast and friendly staff. Great merchandise!"

"The friendliness of the staff."

"Friendly caring personnel. Always helpful and cheerful. Up to date with technology. Love the inside of the pharmacy too. Old fashioned soda fountain and merchandise to look at while waiting. Wouldn't go anywhere else."

"Friendly and helpful"

"Love your caring attitude."

"The care and concern you show for your clients. You truly go above and beyond and I, for one, am grateful for the consistent service I receive."

"Locally owned, they know me"

"Locally owned and operated"

"Convenient to my home and friendly service."

"Friendly. They know me by name."

You can help Gulf Shores by leaving a great review on Google and Yelp - thank you!